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When you install DonorsClicks Google Chrome Extension, we donate 100% of all Amazon Affiliate commissions generated by your clicks. If you click a link to Amazon and buy anything, the commission will be donated to help high need public school children.

We want to help reach their goal of $100 million in 2016 which will cover all high poverty school districts in the United States.

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Hear founder Charles Best's interview on why he started His goal is to have 1 million givers, give a total of $100 Million to cover 100% of high-need public schools.

In Honor of Mom

Hi, my name is Scott Nixon. I've created this project in Honor of my mother Cynthia. She was a public elementary school teacher for 35+ years; mostly in high poverty school districts.

In one of her hardest years as a teacher, she won the Teacher of the Year award. Many years later, she wrote grants to improve literacy by helping teachers learn new ways to help struggling children.

It's teachers that do most of the hard work of educating our kids. Help them out by donating your clicks on Amazon.


Scott Nixon


Scott Nixon