Donate Your Clicks to High Poverty Kids

Posted on Thu 17 March 2016 in blog

PS-9 Brooklyn

My wife and I donate to regularly through our business. Last week after reading the notes we receive from the children and the teachers, I really wanted to figure out a way I could get others involved.

I considered hosting community fundraisers and using my programming skills to analyze public data.

What I realized is that the impact would be much much smaller and slower if I want that route. I really wanted to have a bigger impact than a few volunteer hours a few times a year.

I thought for a while about how we could use my wife 225,000+ online community to help this kids.

Then inspiration, I realized that if we could get people to donate their clicks. We could really have a significatn impact. I realized that all people would need to do would be to install an extension.

It's so simple.

You install a Google Chrome Extension. Everytime you click an Amazon link, make a purchase, money is donated to

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